My name is KLW and I am the author of The Style BITE.

I am a writer and a stylist based in the South East, but working all over England. My weekends are either spent working on a shoot, or sat with a large cup of tea and Max, a medium-sized, gender-confused labradoodle.

My wardrobe is a dressing up box and who knows what I’ll wear tomorrow? I see myself as a collector of clothes – I often buy pieces of clothing simply because they’re fabulous – even though I may never wear them!

Here at The Style BITE you can expect to find outfit builds, fashion’s nine o’clock news, the latest industry gossip, interviews and several special features exclusive to The Style BITE – such as ‘ A Week In The Wardrobe’ and more!

From time to time, you’ll also get to read one of My Carrie Bradshaw Moment’s’, a feature I write based on love and life.



KLW  ♥


One Response to “ABOUT”

  1. Love Lily.x. March 19, 2011 at 10:58 pm #

    hey, love your site. would love to know what you think of my jewellery? http://www.lovelily.co.uk

    thanks -LL .x.

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