17 Mar

Good Evening Stylette Army!

Hope you have all had a fabulous Thursday and have something great planned for the weekend! A friend and I are off to Cocktail Night at a local bar and we are going all out and dressing up in our “hot girl disguises” to head out – not on the pull or anything, just to feel fabulous!

Today’s Outfit Build is a little more extensive then usual, and there’s a moodboard and a KLW design to go with it! Interestingly enough, the Navajo trend pays homage to the 70s, which as any fashionista knows is making a big ole flared comeback this season!

As you can see from the top left hand images on the moodboard, the first image is a design by Bill Gibb and showcases how leather was processed in a colourful way in this era – as you can see, the patterns seem to be influenced by ethnic designs and are reminiscent of the navajo style. Gibbs’ designs later channelled unusual and romantic lines which were inspired by the prolific hippie scene as well as pre-Raphaelite paintings.

Navajo isn’t neccessarily limited to the diamond / repetition pattern as seen in a lot of this style fabric; it’s a lot of the small details too – such as the fringing we’re seeing so much too, which leads me to the second image, a design by Zandra Rhodes – who gained a large amount of publicity due to her extravagant style and appearance; it is widely thought that she paired punk and fashion hand in hand when she introduced her 1977 collection “Punk Chic”.

The following two images are just some simplistic navajo patterns, one of which I’ve translated into a skirt for you – and, the skirt that inspired it all is in the outfit build in the middle!

Top, Shoes: H&M
Skirt: TopShop
Watch: ASOS Menswear

Don’t forget to click on the pic to enlarge it!





One Response to “HELLO NAVAJO”

  1. styleonthecouch March 17, 2011 at 5:24 pm #

    This sort of style does really remind me of Zandra Rhodes and the fabulous outfits she wore…!
    Enjoy your fabulous night out as hot girls (surely “in disguise” not needed?!)


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