6 Mar

Hello everyone,

As many of you know, I love to bring you guys the latest in cutesie boutique fashion brands – and “LoveJo Vintage” is no exception – for ages now, I’ve been super-keen to buy some real “statement” pieces of jewellery, especially rings, so imagine my delight when @LoveJo_Vintage started following me – and to hear that the vintage dresses section is “coming soon” excites me greatly!

I love that Joanne – the mastermind behind LoveJo Vintage restores “neglected” vintage pieces – it makes me think of a “rescue home” for old vintage bits and bobs – I can just imagine a Victorian cottage with low beams full to the brim with bits and bobs and Jo herself crouched over a desk making beautiful creations.

If you’re looking for the perfect standout accessory, then you really ought to head over to www.lovejovintage.com – and get your hands on a piece, before they all sell out!

I am currently trying to decide between the bottom two!

OH and, HOW cute is that background on the site? Love it!

Will YOU be purchasing from LoveJo Vintage ??


Editors Note: KLW was not paid for this review.


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