5 Feb

Lauren Conrad is what we like to call a ‘Fake Fashionista’. Though she now graces the top of many ‘Best Dressed’ lists, there was a time – pre-stylist – when she was not the fashion-forward gal she is now. Not to mention the novels she ‘penned’ were in fact written by a ghost writer and she does indeed, have a stylist who helps with all her looks and the like. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love Lauren “LC” Conrad – I loved her in Laguna and I loved her in The Hills. It was no surprise that MTV scouted her to be the main characters in their hit shows; that mix of blonde / beached hair, great tan and the kind of advice you just can’t script [we all remember “I wanna forgive and forget. I wanna forgive you… and I wanna forget you..”]. The Hills of course ultimately failed without her, as she took away the insider look at the fashion industry.

When she announced, not long after her departure from The Hills that she was in fact in the midst of filming her first pilot for a new reality TV show, we all breathed a sigh of relief – she was back. However, the show has been canned by MTV! MTV reps had the following to say;

“We decided not to go ahead with the show. She did do a pilot. There were talks about whether we could somehow manage to put together a special based on that footage but that’s also a big question mark based on her interest in that and the finances…It was a great attempt but it just didn’t feel like a perfect fit for us now. We love her! We would love her on our network!”

All friendly from MTV’s side then. However, the reality starlet soon hit back with the following;

“We sold a show to MTV, filmed it and are really proud of the final result. MTV felt the subject matter was too high brow for their audience and offered me the opportunity to change the show by incorporating more of my personal life. We agreed going into the project that this show would be an aspirational one, focusing on my career and my goals and not my personal relationships. We delivered the show that we sold and are sorry MTV didn’t feel their viewers were savvy enough to appreciate it.”

Talk about stiletto-stomping on the hand that gave you a boost in to reality TV ! Obviously MTV want a format more like The Hills! Or maybe, the fashionista’s just a little boring for a network that has guido’s and guidette’s routinely getting in punch-ups and thousands of knocked-up teenagers dying to get on TV; you can’t make that stuff up!

Oh well, better luck next time LC!

Wonder what this means for the likes of Whitney Port +  Audrina Partridge…?



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