21 Jan

Hi Stylettessss!

Hope all is well.

My nephew has kindly after one too many ‘face-smooshes’ passed on some bug to me. I’m off my food but unfortunately have not dropped to a size six….

In other news, it’s FRIDAY, which means I can SLEEP 🙂 hooray. Also, as it’s Friday, it is of course time for the weekly LUST:List – for those of you that missed this last week, this is my top six of anything and this week – bags are up! I love bags, in fact I have a real bag problem… People have tried to intervene, but it’s no good. To put things in to perspective, going into somewhere that sells bags is to me, what visiting third world children is to Angelina Jolie and Madonna – Ican’t leave without one…

Top Left Hand Corner: ASOS
Floral Print Satchel: Vintage Diane Von Faustenburg @ GiGi Vintage
Fringed Satchel [bottom left]: Missguided
Blue leather satchel: TopShop
Duffel & Patent Clutch: Urban Outfitters


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