Really….REALLY GQ??

5 Jan

I’m probably a bigger VB fan then I realise. I’m looking forward to reading her interview in British Vogue (I’m more of a pictures than words type-a-gal), I think she’s genuinely quite nice and like the simple,classic cut of her collections.

But – and excuse me for this abbreviation – ‘WTF’ are GQ thinking? Romeo Beckham has been named…. wait for it … One of the best dressed GENTLEMEN in the UK… and was ranked #26 10 spots below his father David.

Um. OK. So, we’re still trying to get our head around all this… Lets start with the obvious. ‘Best Dressed Men‘ GQ… Wish we could underline ‘men’ twice there for effect but anyhow. Also. Aren’t kids supposed to be going out in space suits and Spiderman costumes?!

Hm, maybe we’re just bitter – after all, we wouldn’t mind that gene pool, those Fashion connections, and making a Best Dressed list when our biggest priority was when the next Spongebob Squarepants movie would be out.

Congrats… We (begrudgingly) suppose.



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