Oh DEAR Phil…

7 Dec

UHOH. No wonder Philip Green has more money than sense…

Sir Philip Green is best known for his role as head honcho at Arcadia – but has become famous for being good buddies with the likes of Simon Cowell and Kate Moss…

He has now been accused of tax evasion after he allegedly directly paid his wife and owner of Arcadia Group over $1, 000, 000, 000 (that’s a billion dollars!). SPG is objecting – claiming that as his wife lives in Monaco, he never had to pay UK taxes on the gigantic sum of money.

And it would seem people aren’t happy about it! Considering that members of Activist Group UK UNCUT staged a protest in the London flagship TopShop store – even closing it down.

UHOhhhhhhhhhh someone’s in trouble (and it’s you Philly…)



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