7 Dec

From Left to Right: Alexander McQueen, Sass & Bide, Balmain. All S/S 2011 Collections




I once dated a guy who was rather odd (no change there then). But not in the usual sense of men I attract (friends call me the ‘wierdo magnet’ and sadly, they’re not wrong). The thing about this guy was, he was different to any guy I’d ever dated and being the 16 year old I was, I lived my dating life by a strict set of rules that, when broken spelled the end of any kind of ‘cool’ previously maintaned (which for those of you who knew 16 year old me will know, I didn’t manage to maintain much ‘cool’ as it was).

One of these ‘dating rules’ for example is that, if they don’t text back you wait it out. Yep you wait it out all the live long week and if he hasn’t text you back by Friday, you borrow your older sisters ID, hit your local and have your first (but not last) bad experience drinking (very) questionable bottles of Jose and cry food poisoning when your Mum finds you being unwell in the Geraniums (Sorry, Mum).

This guy, the non-wierdo, did not forget to text me back. In fact, he even went as far as to text me twice in one day, without me replying (big no no), Drive miles out of his way to pick me up and take me to friends, Call me as and when he said he would (for the most part) and generally take the time to be a very stand-up guy.

Now I know my regular readers (and probably you new ones too) are wondering what on earth this post has to do with fashion – after all; This is The Style BITE, not The Love BITE, but my point is, isn’t it so much more fun when you break the rules? Whilst I was completely baffled by this new laissez-faire style of relationshipping, I was also pretty intrigued, excited and for once having so much fun I wasn’t even thinking about keeping up with the rules.

This is a feeling I’ve experienced quite a lot when viewing certain collections- especially those from the likes Alexander McQueen, Balmain and Sass & Bide, to name just a couple.

There are a lot of people that follow trends and fashion religiously; almost strictly from runway to real life and whilst that’s always sexy and in style, it’s not always fun; and that’s how fashion and love should be.Fashion & Style is about you and what works for you. And, we’re going to say this now just in case we don’t get the chance again but what works for your style, doesn’t neccessarily work for someone else – I’m looking at you Gok Wan telling size 20+ girls to wear waist belts. Just STOP trying to make it happen OK?!

So, when I was lunching with the girls recently,we got on to the ever-there topic of relationships and, one friend, who is dating someone rather rogueish (perhaps a little to mine and the girls’ distate) turned to me after I told her it was time to get rid and move on that;  “Love Rules Without Rules.”

Well, if Love Rules Without Rules then so does fashion.

If I could go back and speak to my 16 year old self I would imagine I’d go along the lines of; Don’t stick to the rules so much, have fun, try and laugh at least once everyday, that the Geraniums will wilt if you’re unwell in them – oh and, on an unrelated note, don’t let that girl in upper sixth cut your fringe. She hates you and she’s going to butcher it.

So girls, don those louboutins, throw that rule book out the window and don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd; after all, why do you think the most talked about collections are the most prominent? Because they break the rules and cause a stir.




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