7 Dec

Well, well Jessica Simpson seems you proved all those who fondly nicknamed you ‘Simpleton’ wrong huh?

This year alone Jessica Simpson’s clothing line has made an impressive $750 million in retail sales – but that’s not just it… Next year’s projections forecast that the clothing line will bring in $1 billion!
The impressive figures also take into account the launch of a sportswear collection planned for next year.

Founder of Nine West and owner of the Jessica Simpson Collection Vince Camuto had the following to say about her success;

‘She is the girl next door and has great product that surrounds her,’ he told WWD. ‘People like her. People look at her as a style icon.’

We agree that she brings ‘the girl next door’ element to things – but a style icon?! Sorry … Does anyone else just… er … Wow… Well this is awkward. But no, she is not a stlye icon. Sorry Vincey!

Do you think J Simpson is a style icon…?


One Response to “FashionBUSINESS”

  1. ShoeTease December 8, 2010 at 12:03 am #

    I have to agree with you: Jessica is not a style icon. Can we forget the repeated fashion faux-pas on the red carpet? I think not.

    However, her products are well priced and hit every trend on target. Although I’d hardly credit her with the success. She just lends a famous name to the well researched & designed products!


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