28 Nov


I am not an earring kinda gal. Suffice it to say they are in fact the one genre of jewellery I rarely, if ever wear. So, when I was offered the chance to blog for GOGO PHILIP about a pair of their earrings, I was a little hesitant. A few days later, I opened up my postbox and found a brown paper package and although it wasn’t tied up with string, the contents have turned out to be my favourite thing [to sort of quote Fraulein Maria.]

And so, each day, I wore the earrings – and they went with everything. I wore them retro, smart, casual, dressed-up, dressed down – they had no limit! They looked super-heavy, but felt bearly-there on my ears.

Their pieces come in super-cute packaging, with a little chunk of GOGO PHILIP history on the back – the story itself is fascinating – but I’ll leave it as a surprise for you to read when you go out and buy one of their amazing, versatile pieces.

So, here I am, sat happily in my plain-jane grey T, normal black leggings and wearing the earrings; not bad for a girl that thought she didn’t like earrings eh?

GOGO PHILIP, you’ve converted me.


[ps – if the pics too small, click on it.]

[pps – you can check out a fabulous review of these earrings by lovely blogger Laura on her blog: ]


One Response to “The EARRINGS That CONVERTED Me : FIVE Days of PHILIP”

  1. Vintage and Cake November 28, 2010 at 11:17 pm #

    Hi Hun!!! Wow love this review so well done and loving the outfits with it … Way, way cute 🙂 these earring are so lush, I love mine too. They add that glam factor, loved this Hun. Xxxx

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