18 Nov

Hooray it’s Winter; eggnog lattes in red cups from Starbucks, faux fur galore, rosie cheeks and kisses under the mistletoe… Winter for some reason is my favourite time of year, but I am regularly presented with a shoe-related problem.  I LOVE boots – heeled boots, ankle boots, thigh-highed OTT boots, knee length boots and, well you get the point. Sadly, unless it’s an ankle boot I’m not wearing it. [pause to shed a tear]. Why? I hear you ask – well, for some reason unbeknownst to me and my sisters, we did not inherit our Mother’s super slim calves. Nope, we got blessed with man calves [Sorry S & J, but we all know it’s true!]. And boots are unfortunately made for walking, not for man calves. So my stylist brain got to thinking…and led me to a plus-size fashion store. As it turns out, Evans have been my boot saviour – check out the gorgeous boots below! You can find yours at




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