Complaints from The NEIGHBOURS

15 Nov


Uhoh. The infamous trio, the Kardashian sisters have found themselves in a spot of bother with their new neighbours this week… They recently opened their Dash store in SoHo [USA, not London]. It would seem the sisters had not realised that tweeting their fans to come down would result in mass chaos [see also: teenages posting parties on facebook, Kardashian sisters…]. As a result, all hell broke loose.

And the president of The Soho Alliance is not happy about the sisters’ somewhat raucous arrival to SoHo, telling US Publication  The Villager that:

“I think it is reprehensible that they would tweet their fans to purposely create this zoo on our streets. They’re lucky no one was injured nor property destroyed. The arrests for disorderly conduct illustrate that the neighbors’ complaints were well-founded.

The Kardashians are attempting to bring all that is wrong with Los Angeles to Soho, as well as to their fans — a generation of classless, tasteless and clueless sheep.”

Oh dear girls!  Plus, it looks like things aren’t getting any warmer towards them, considering that filming of Kourtney & Kim Take New York will be taking place now too.
Well, girls, don’t expect any free samples from your neighbours…

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