10 Nov




It’s been a bad week for former America’s Next Top Model judge, Nole Marin. Aspiring model Nicholas Hamman-Howe claims that the two met at a party where Marin told him with his “extraordingary physique” he could fulfil a great modelling career. The following October, the two allegedly met at Marin’s apartment for a photoshoot and once Nicholas had taken his kit off, things turned sexual.

The LawSUIT claims that Marin fondled the naive model wannabe in addition to making lewd comments. Hamman-Howe stated that he was “shocked and repulsed and pushed [the defendant Nole Marin] away, shouting ‘This is not what I want to do!” the suit continues that the defendant said “It’s a very sexual industry…It’s all about who you know and what they’ll do for you”.  Additionally, the defendant supposedly text the aspirning young model telling him he could earn up to $120, 000 for an Armani campaign and that he wanted Hamman-Howe “I want you to be an underwear king!!”

Following this incident, the model found himself at the ex ANTM judge’s apartment, where Marin allegedly reached in to his underwear, telling him he could be a superstar in exchange for favours of the sexual nature…

This is all very, very shady – but quicker than you can say Chanello,  Marin’s people released the following statement

“There is no truth to any (of the claims).”

Interesting. We wonder how this is going to play out….


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