And SPEAKING of legal matters…

5 Nov

It looks like notorious supermodel Naomi Campbell may wind up back in the courts again. This time, it’s not for attacking an unsuspecting cleaner… Not so long ago, the model was caught up in a case that gained it’s fair share of notoriety – Diamondgate – a case which saw Campbell take the stand to deny that she had known she was receiving blood diamonds (leading African politician knocks on your door in the middle of the night hands over ‘muddy rocks’ and leaves. Yep. Sounds normal to us too Naomi…)

The case had been settled – Until Now – sources are reporting that Naomi’s former agent Carole White has asked the Manhattan DA (District Attorney) to investigate the supermodel for LIEING on the stand.

Perjury is a pretty hefty offence, however, the drama doesn’t end here. as we mentioned, White is Naomi’s former agent. The two had a bitter disagreement back in June when allegedly Campbell backed out of a perfume deal and as a result, White’s company sued Naomi for loss of earnings. Never one to back down from a fight, Naomi reacted with a countersue, claiming that White misrespresented her role with Moodform Mission.

Should the Manhattan DA find sufficient evidence to move forward with the case, Naomi could be prosecuted. I hope she’s got her Chanel heels at the ready for community service and that her agent’s confiscated her phone ahead of any Supermodel Sized Tantrums…


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