2 Nov

Meanwhile, one of H&M’s competitors got busy with the launch of their collaboration – and quite a collaboration at that as, not only was it Kate Moss for TopShop, it was the supermodel’s last collection for the Arcadia-owned store (though, I wouldn’t be surprised if they release some sort of Limited Edition job lot this time next year).

It seemed that the supermodel had found her designer feet though, as the collection was divided in to several sub collections; Kate Iconic, ten sell-out pieces from previous collections, vintage-inspired jewellery (very Kate) and 1 in 50 – what might be described as TopShop luxe…

The three collections portray very different styles – much like Kate herself; 1 in 50 is a collection of six  limited edition pieces and is aptly named as with only 50 of two of the dresses being made and 100 of the other four, the pieces will fast become rarities and the overall style is very old school Hollywood glamour, It is, simply,  the kind of evening wear we’d expect to see Kate in on the red carpet.

The previous collection’s pieces feature the classic 70’s style we’ve come to expect from the model-turned-designer; fun and flirty with ditzy floral prints. The Limited Edition collection features elegant and ‘sparkly’ garments that would blend perfectly in to anyone’s capsule wardrobe.

Finally, the vintage inspired jewellery is – as I previously mentioned – very ‘Kate’; classy but with a rocker-edge making for a stunning collection of jewellery.

Indeed, it seems the model has truly gone out with a bang; she has ensured she has catered to anyone going anywhere and so, if that old adage is true, Kate Moss has saved the best, until last.


[Fact BITE: Kate Moss was once in the back of a black cab, when having spotted someone wearing her collections wound down the window and called out to them ‘you look great!’ – I bet that sure made their day!]

[Fact BITE: Kate Moss was hit by scandal in the early noughties when she was caught on camera doing cocaine. As a result she was dropped from several lucrative advertising deals, only to make a steaming come back and make more than twice what she did previously; causing greater controversy amongst the nation as the public were  left questioning the message this sent to young and aspiring models.]




  1. radiantlady November 2, 2010 at 8:33 pm #

    Aww and there was me hoping Kate would have yelled something a bit more – ahem – colourful! Nice post x

  2. stylebitehof November 2, 2010 at 8:53 pm #

    Ha I know, I shamelessly thought I’d get the better of people 😉 x

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