The Good Girls Guide to Red Lipstick

18 Sep

As many of you know, this week was Beauty Week on the StyleBITE and we’ve checked off eyebrows and eyelashes, so today, we’re going to finish the look with dramatic lipstick, plus I’m also going to tell you how to get the perfect ‘au naturel’ look for your base coat.

This season will see a dark twist on last year’s floral; think more fairytale woodland than flower garden. This said, we will undoubtedly see a revival of red lipstick come the winter months as well as ‘grape’ tones coming in for those cold winter nights!

I struggled for many years getting the red lipstick look right and for the most part looked like a five year old who’d gone playing in Mummy’s make-up box (which, I can assure you was not the intended look).

To start with this look you’ll need;

–          Lipliner

–          Cotton Buds

–          Make-up Remover

–          Your favourite shade of Red or dark lippy.

To begin with, leave your cotton buds soaking in make-up remover. If you don’t have liquid make-up remover, then wipe the tips with a make-up wipe.

Your lip liner pencil will need to be sharp and then do the usual trick of breathing on it for about a minute or so, softening the tip of the pencil. Now define your lips. Think of this as the outline for which you’re going to ‘colour’ your lips with. Define your cupids bow and make sure you have strong shape and definition around the shape of your lips.

Now, using your lip liner ‘guide’ slowly apply the dark lipstick. When you go outside the lip liner, use one of your make-up remover soaked cotton buds to gently wipe away where you’ve gone over the liner guide. I also use the cotton bud to gently dab the cupids bow area of the lips, to give a real definition to the final shape.

Now, work it!

Love, xHofFx




From Left to Right:  Rimmel Diva Red, MAC Pro Longwear Lip Creme: Extended Play, ‘Blackened Brick Red’, Maybelline Moisture Extreme Cherry Red Lipstick, Barry M Pillar Box Red and Rimmel Electric Plum.


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