Answering Your Beauty Questions…

18 Sep

I had a few emails this week, but there were two burning questions on every lips – skin care and shaving – it seems I’m not the only one who needs help with this, but after a few trial and (serious) error situations, I can answer your questions – so here goes!  – Featuring these Unexpected Essentials:

Dear Heart of Fashion,

I love wearing make-up, however my skin doesn’t cope well and is often oily with unsightly spots. I moisturise and remove my my make-up at night – what else can I do?! Help!

Name supplied.

Hello there,

I too had the same problem for a long time, but if you have oily skin, the worst thing you can do is moisturise. I take my make-up using a Johnsons make-up wipe and then before bed I wash with hot water and then soak a flannel in cold water and wash again. The hot water opens your pores nicely and the cold water gets rid of the dirt and keeps your skin nice and tight. I also do this when I wake up in the morning and when I do get a spot, I simply pop toothpaste on it for an hour to dry it out and avoid putting make up on it!

Love, xHofFx

Dear Heart of Fashion

This past Summer I’ve been plagued by horrendous shaving rashes. They stay smooth for an hour and then suddenly I  erupt into a horrendously unsightly shaving rash – and it’s not just that it looks bad, it constantly itches! What can I do? I’m going on holiday in October with my boyfriend and I want to bear my legs! Help!

Lola, London

Hi Lola,

Lucky you off on holiday! I have the perfect solution for you as I struggled last Summer, it’s just no fun being out and about and bending down every two seconds to itch your legs! For this, you’ll need Johnsons Baby Bedtime Wash (seriously) now lather this over your legs in the bath or shower, like you would with ordinary shaving cream and shave as you would normally. It’s so sensitive that it protects your legs nicely and leaves your legs feeling silky soft!

Love, xHofFx

Dear Heart of Fashion,

I use foundation but,  it always seems to look damp on my face – I’m not sure if I’m explaining that right, but I want a look more Matte look. I’ve finally found the perfect shade of Foundation so I don’t want to change the foundation, and powder foundations just don’t work for me! I can’t go on looking this shiny – please help!

Lucy, London


Hello Lucy,

I did a quick straw poll amongst my friends who all have a similar problem, so I decided it was time to go on a Heart of Fashion quest to resolve this – after all, I don’t think anyone can pull the Shiny Face look off! My quest led me to the MAC counter who have handily produced something tailored to this exact beauty qualm! Mineralize Skin Finish Natural is described is created to so that you can ‘set’ and ‘fix’ your foundation and ‘matte’ it down!

Simply leave your foundation to set for a couple of moments and then using a bronzer brush (although not your actual bronzer brush) sweep this over the area’s with foundation on to tone down the shine.

Love, xHofFx


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