Framing The Window to The Soul

15 Sep

Welcome to Beauty Week on the StyleBITE. This week I’m covering some of the trickiest make-up tricks; from luscious lashes to red lippy. Tonight, I’ll be tackling one of the trickiest aspects of make-up; Eyebrows! Because ladies (and gents!) let’s face it, no one wants a monobrow, an unruly set of eyebrows (reserved for A/W10 Mulberry Models only I’m afraid!) or a pair of eyebrows that don’t do your eyes justice!

To start I recommend getting your eyebrows threaded – not waxed / plucked. Threading lasts longer and gives a more defined shape to the eyebrow, making the overall process a lot easier. Be warned – it’s not a pain free process but the results are worth it!

An eyebrow pencil works to your advantage – regardless of whether your eyebrows are dark or lite, you just need to make sure that you get a closer match as possible. I use No 7 Beautiful Brows Pencil.

Slightly dampen the brush-end of the pencil and smooth over your eyebrows brushing them in to their post-threading shape.

Now (this also works for eyeliner too!) hold the pencil-end in your mouth; your hot breath softens the brush slightly so that it won’t leave such a harsh streak and thisin turn makes it easier to blend.

Using smooth, sweeping strokes with the pencil weave it into the shape of your eyebrow to give yourself strong defined eyebrows.

So frame the window to your soul with the perfect pair of Beautiful Brows!



PS click here to buy your No 7 Beautiful Brows Pencil!


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